Finance & Accounting

more specific to faculty and/or researchers/PIs

 Purchasing

Departmental account for purchasing: [email protected]

How do I purchase something?

  • under $49,999 (order of method used)
  • over $50,000
  • Capital Equipment Limits and Inventory

How do I pay for Standard Scientific Services

How do I pay for Professional Services (Outside the U; Specialized Service)?

How to Request a Purchase Order

How do I order through UMarket?

  • How do I get access to UMarket?


  • How to obtain and properly use PCard
  • Amazon Business Account - connected to PCard only


  • How do I get reimbursement for Out-of-Pocket?
  • How does a non-UMN employee get reimbursement for Out-of-Pocket expenses?

Airfare and Travel

  • Rules for Travelling on Business
  • Travel Card
  • Meals, Entertainment, Hospitality

 Sponsored Accounts Management

Contact: Rachel Veenstra, Finance Professional

Pre-award Budgeting Proposals

Grant Funds Management

Effort Certification

Ethics Training

 Non-sponsored Accounts Management

Contact: [email protected]

Foundation Funds

Departmental Funds

Fellowships - U and External

 Internal and External Service Organizations (ISO/ESO)

Contact: Emily Nelson at [email protected]

ISO/ESO Sales Office

ISO/Recharge - Management

Using an ISO Facility

List of ISOs within ESCI

List of ISOs at the U

ESO Management; Contracts