Dept Who's Who

Who to go to for what (alphabetical by 'what'): 

(*alternate when primary is not in the office)

  What Primary Primary contact Alternate Alternate contact
  Building issues Facilities Mgmt

[email protected]

Mark Griffith [email protected]
  Card key access Jen Petrie ESCI Access Google Form    
  Card key issues Jen Petrie [email protected] Sharon Kressler [email protected]
(employee reimbursement; travel card reconciliation)
Rachel Veenstra [email protected] Sharon Kressler [email protected]
  Computer/IT - general OIT

[email protected]

  Computer- department - depends on the subject Kaleigh Swift [email protected] Justin Revenaugh [email protected]
  Effort certification Rachel Veenstra [email protected]   [email protected]
  Financial reporting Rachel Veenstra [email protected]    
  GeoClub Jen Petrie [email protected] GeoClub Officers [email protected]
  Grad student questions/progress Jen Petrie [email protected] Max Bezada, DGS [email protected]
  Hiring/positions/employment Sharon Kressler [email protected] Rachel Veenstra [email protected]
  Human resources
(e.g FMLA, performance, etc.)
Sharon Kressler [email protected]    
  Intranets Kaleigh Swift [email protected]    
  ISO/ESO   [email protected]    
  Keys Jen Petrie [email protected] Sharon Kressler [email protected]
  Machining Mark Griffith [email protected] CSE Machine Shop  
  Mail/packages Kaleigh Swift [email protected]    
  Non-employee reimbursements   [email protected]    
  Office space - non-grad Sharon Kressler [email protected] Justin Revenaugh [email protected]
  Office space - grad students Jen Petrie [email protected] Sharon Kressler [email protected]
  Outreach Pete Makovicky [email protected] Committee [email protected]
  Payroll Rachel Veenstra [email protected] Sharon Kressler [email protected]
  PCard administration
(applications; temp limit increase)
Sharon Kressler [email protected]    
  PCard approvals Rachel Veenstra [email protected]   [email protected]
  PCard reconciliation   [email protected]    
  Printing - department Kaleigh Swift [email protected]    
  Proposal; budgeting Rachel Veenstra [email protected]    
  Purchasing Rachel Veenstra [email protected]    
  Rock shop Christian Teyssier [email protected] Mark Griffith [email protected]
  Room scheduling - for a course Jen Petrie [email protected] Sharon Kressler [email protected]
  Room scheduling - non-course related Kaleigh Swift [email protected] Jen Petrie [email protected]
  Safety Amanda Dillman [email protected] Mark Griffith [email protected]
  Software OIT [email protected]
CSE IT, specialized  
  Storage Justin Revenaugh [email protected] Christian Teyssier [email protected]
  Student employment Rachel Veenstra [email protected] Sharon Kressler [email protected]
  Student services Jen Petrie [email protected]    
  Technology- research Justin Revenaugh [email protected] CSE-IT  
(issues; service)
OIT [email protected]
Sharon Kressler [email protected]
  Travel card administration (applications) Sharon Kressler [email protected]    
  Travel card process and approvals   [email protected]    
  UMarket routing
(to "Emily Nelson nels8277")
  [email protected]    
  Undergrad advising Josh Feinberg [email protected] Undergrad Studies Committee is there a general email?
  UROP accounting Rachel Veenstra [email protected]    
  Vehicles Mark Griffith [email protected]    
  Web design and updates Kaleigh Swift [email protected] Sharon Kressler [email protected]